Thursday, March 21, 2013

Found: Dog. Guessing Game....

Hello everyone!  I love to recycle things and I love cute images and I love dogs.  So... I found this cute image of a dog and decided to turn it into a card.

Look at that cute face!  Do you have any idea where this image came from?
Go ahead, guess.  Leave your guess in a comment here on this post.
The first person that can correctly guess the answer, will receive a little prize from me.

The ribbon is also recycled.  It was from packages of washcloths that I had purchased.  It was tied around the washcloths into a bow and was very wrinkled.  I didn't feel like dragging out the iron, so I used my flat-iron (for my hair) and flattened the ribbon.  Wow, that works great!

The design for this card was inspired by Tuesday Morning Sketches #190.
I love card sketches and I use them every chance I get.
This card also uses ribbon and fits Challenge #37 at Go Fish.

So... Where did that cute doggie image come from?
Okay... one guess per person. 
The first correct guess will win a small prize from me.



Emmajean Hicks said...

I am going to guess on your computer... did you make a digi from a photo??

Debbie said...

This is a cute doggy!! Very pretty card!
Thanks for joining us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!
(did he come from a dog food box?)

CraftyRia said...

He was not from my computer.
He was not from a dog food box (or anything related to dog food or dog snacks).

Anonymous said...

Looks like an anime drawing
Spideycindy thinks this

CraftyRia said...

It may be an anime drawing, but you gotta guess what it's from....

Hemant Sawant said...

is it from a cereal box? - Hemant

Melissa said...

I guess Stride Peppermint Gum packaging!

CraftyRia said...

Yes! Melissa got it right! Stride ID Peppermint Gum! I'll put together a little prize for you!

Melissa Craig said...

What a sweet card - that little puppy is adorable. Thanks for playing along with us at Tuesday Morning Sketches.