Friday, December 25, 2009

Jingle Swap gifts from Courtney

My other Jingle Swap partner was Courtney.  She is a Cajun Hillbilly Housewife.  Here are the wrapped gifts she sent.  The paper made me laugh.  She numbered the gifts and I opened them in that order.

The first package was a fiber optic tree.  I promptly found some batteries and lit it up.  Package #2 were some felt ornaments that I used to decorate the tree.  The star on top was an ornament, but with a little Christmas Magic, got it to stick to the top of the tree.

Then there were some cute Christmas towels, which I have promptly hung in the kitchen.  A Christmas (snowman) apron which will come in handy.  An adorable Snowman mug, complete with a package of yummy hot chocolate.  I will save that for later... Oh and I didn't mention the Snowman clip and gumballs.  If you push the button on the snowman, his face changes.

There was also an adorable penguin notebook cover made of felt.  Those are pens and pencils inside the pocket.  There is a Misfit Doll, I'm not sure what his name will be yet.  Three spools of Christmas Ribbon.  A crazy quilt cameo purse and some pretty jewelry!  I wore the Jewelry to Christmas Dinner already.

Thank you Courtney and Debbie!  You both brought great smiles to my Christmas Morning!

Jingle Swap gifts from Debbie!

I joned Jingle's Christmas Swap and I ended up with TWO partners!  How lucky is that?  I had lots of fun preparing the packaged for both of my partners.  I saved the gifts they sent me for Christmas morning and I had a blast opening them.

My first partner was Debbie.  Here are the wrapped gifts she sent.  She used rub-ons on some of the tissue paper to make it very pretty.  She used stickers on the bright tissue paper, too.  Oh boy!  I can't wait to open these...
And... here are the goodies....

Wowee!  The penguin tin jingled when I shook it - inside was the jingle bell ornament.  How fitting for a Jingle Swap!  There was a set of handmade cards on kraft paper, so cool.  Also some great goodies for making cards, some punchies and a beautiful flower.  There are two signs.  I already hung the Wish Upon a Star sign up in my craft room.  The snowman sign is with my snowmen.  She made a small notebook (hiding in the back right corner) with really cute paper.  There are also some really pretty glass magnets.  The funny-shaped thingy is a coin purse she got in China Town.  She also included a totebag - that is small enough to carry in my purse for when I need it.  My very favorite item is the blue bone clip.  I love everything, Debbie, thank you!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Head on over to the Patiently Waiting blog and check out the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.  They started December 1st, but it's not too late to join in the fun.