Friday, August 27, 2010

P 365. August 27

The July/August Tag Challenge kit.  Here Kitty Kitty!
This is for the Tag Challenge at The Crafty Table.

I received this kit in the mail today.  Every month (or two) we have a tag challenge over at The Crafty Table.  The hostess sends out a kit to everyone that signs up and we each make a tag and post a picture of it.  It's free to enter and you get to keep the tag that you make.  One winner is chosen at random to receive a Crafty Prize.
I have one week to complete the tag and to post a picture of it on the forum.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

P365. August 26

Here is Marty.  He is feeling well enough to take the squeaker out of his toy.  Then after that, he raided the trash can and got a container of sauce.  Good thing he cleaned up the floor when he was done.

P365. August 25

We had Root Beer Floats again!  The root beer from Lenhman's is delicious!

P365. August 24

Happy Birthday Grandma Dot!  
Today is her real birthday.  We had a great time celebrating it on Sunday, though.

P365. August 23

This is what was left behind after Todd made Root Beer Floats.  Two bottle caps and a smudge of ice cream.

Taken with my Hipstamatic App on the iPhone.

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P365. August 22

Today we had a surprise 90th birthday party for Grandma Dot! 
Jilly was at the door making sure everyone signed in.

It was a grand event with millions of people.  

I think she had a great time!  The invitation stated, "no gifts" but we were encouraged to give her pieces of blue fabric so she can make a 90th Birthday Quilt.

P 365. August 21.

We took a long drive to the Amish Hardware Store. That place is huge.

We picked out some kitchen appliances.

Then we went to the cheese shop.

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P365. August 20

What is wrong with this picture? My coworkers have no sense of order.

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P365. August 19

My dear friend Kai sent me this card. She is very sweet!

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P365. August 18

Marty steals the hot dog bun.  Good thing Todd was quick with his camera.  Later, Marty stole the entire hot dog off of my plate while I was eating.  Relish flew in the air and it made a mess.

P365. August 17

Synchronized drinking.

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P365. August 16

Schrody the cat.  Taken with Hipstamatic App on the iPhone.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

P365. August 15

Laurelville, Ohio has a flower pot in the middle of the main intersection.

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P365. August 14

Our floor shopping turned into fridge shopping. Our fridge is failing. On our way home we saw this double rainbow.

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P365. August 13

We are floor shopping for our new house. There are so many to choose from.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

P365. August 12

Tonight we signed mortgage papers. A million papers. See how thick the folder is? That is a quarter for reference.

P365. August 11

I love me some Oreos!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P365. August 10

Marty is going retro.
This was taken with the Hipstamatic Camera app for my iPhone.

Lens: Kaimal Mark II
Film: BlacKeys B+W

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Monday, August 9, 2010

P365. August 9

Oscar takes Ria for a walk.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

P365. August 8

We drove up to Dublin and saw the corn statues.

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P365 August 7

We drove by Moss Hollow again and it's not far from the Hirsch Fruit Farm.  So, we stopped in and bought some homegrown pears, some yummy blackberries, and some apple cider.

P365 August 6

We are officially IN CONTRACT on the Moss Hollow House. 
I hope everything goes well and it works out.

We went back to the house to look it over and Todd found this Bat up in the carport.  
Todd is very excited about this and he wants to build a bat house.

p365 August 5

We had a really bad storm last night and look at all this storm damage!
Hahaha.  I think we need to buy a new house.

And guess what?   We are.  After some negotiation, they have accepted our offer on the Moss Hollow House!  Oh YEAH!  We are going tonight to fill out the formal papers.

P365 August 3

Marty is on Prednisone and it makes him VERY thirsty.  Every morning he goes in and licks the shower dry.

P365 August 2

Guess what?  Guess what?  Guess what?

The house on Moss Hollow is available again!  We're putting in another offer.  

P365 August 1

The owners of the Pierce Lane Log Cabin decided to give the house to a family member instead of selling it.  So we decided to drive around and look at more houses.

This barn just freaked me out.  It looks spooky.

P365 July 31

The lady at the donut shop really likes Oscar.  She gives him a donut every time!

P365 July 30

We put in an offer on the Pierce Lane Log Cabin!
This isn't a foreclosure, so it's full of the prior owner's personal items.  

P365 July 29

Marty must be feeling better.  He stole a bite of my burger!  Good thing I was sitting right here, he almost grabbed the whole thing.

P365 July 28

We went and looked at three houses today!

#1:  Cliffside drive.  Big house, but they're asking too much money for it.  It smells really musty and needs a lot of work.  Its best feature was the attic that was converted into a room.
Attic:  Craft room.  There are skylights up there.
The Purple room.

#2:  Orr Road.  Say this out loud, "I live on a Street, Orr Road."  Yeah... it has appeal, doesn't it?  People would think I was always confused (nothing new).  Cute lot on the river.  The house is old and smells REALLY bad.  The neighbors are very friendly - maybe too friendly.

The river in the back yard.

The front of the house.
Freaky, scary wasp.

#3.  This one was a last minute decision to go see.  It's a log cabin on Pierce Lane.  It sits on five acres and we love it!  It's higher priced than the other houses, but it's not a foreclosure, so it's move-in-ready.  It won't really need any work.  

Log Cabin on Pierce.

Log Cabin living room.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

P365 July 27

Marty has been taken off the study at OSU.  His lymph nodes are enlarging despite the chemo.  They gave him a shot of Elspar today and then he'll go back on the Prednisone.  The Elspar should shrink down his nodes so the Prednisone can make him comfortable for about another month or two.  This is all we can do.

P365 July 26

Our offer for the Moss Hollow House was rejected!  It appears that someone offered more than the asking price.

So we decided to have steak for dinner to make us feel better.
No Oscar!  you can't have the steak!

P365 July 25

I made this card today using a photo from Todd's Grandmother's flower garden.  I cut the photo in strips and adhered it to the card base.  Then I added a butterfly sticker.

P365 July 24

Marty is feeling better today.  Good enough to eat a toy and to wake me up at 5:30 am for breakfast.

P365 July 23

We drove through the Scioto Trail National Forest today, which is very near the Moss Hollow House.

We drove down this road.

And saw this view.

P365 July 22

Marty isn't feeling so good today.  I think the chemo was hard on him this time.

P365 July 21

TWO great things happened today!

#1.  I got my car back:
It looks great!

#2.  We put in an offer on the Moss Hollow House.  

P365 July 20

This is Marty at the OSU vet today.

He had another experimental chemo treatment today.

Inside photos of the Moss Hollow House

Here is just a sampling of the interior photos of the Moss Hollow House.  I hope you enjoy it.  We really love this house.

This is the Front room
New Addition Living Room
A bedroom (my craft room)
Florida Room