Saturday, August 7, 2010

P365. July 17

Todd found the Menard's ad and saw that they had the Cricut Expression machine on sale for a good price.  He tried to talk me in to buying it, but I'm "saving money to buy a house" and just won't spend any extra money right now.

So.... while I was in the shower, he went out to get breakfast and just so happened to stop at Menards.  When I got out of the shower he said to me, "the dogs were messing around in your craft room.  It sounded like they knocked something over... you better go check it out."

This is what I found:

He's such a great husband, isn't he?

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Kai said...

Hmmmm ... does Todd have an older brother who would be interested in a nice but VERY round & homely friend of yours? LOL! Seriously, I think Todd is a SWEETHEART. And he OBVIOUSLY adores YOU! That makes me SO HAPPY!