Sunday, August 8, 2010

P365 July 28

We went and looked at three houses today!

#1:  Cliffside drive.  Big house, but they're asking too much money for it.  It smells really musty and needs a lot of work.  Its best feature was the attic that was converted into a room.
Attic:  Craft room.  There are skylights up there.
The Purple room.

#2:  Orr Road.  Say this out loud, "I live on a Street, Orr Road."  Yeah... it has appeal, doesn't it?  People would think I was always confused (nothing new).  Cute lot on the river.  The house is old and smells REALLY bad.  The neighbors are very friendly - maybe too friendly.

The river in the back yard.

The front of the house.
Freaky, scary wasp.

#3.  This one was a last minute decision to go see.  It's a log cabin on Pierce Lane.  It sits on five acres and we love it!  It's higher priced than the other houses, but it's not a foreclosure, so it's move-in-ready.  It won't really need any work.  

Log Cabin on Pierce.

Log Cabin living room.

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