Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Binding it All!

First, we'll start with Christmas Cards.  I decided to save all of the very special and handmade cards that were sent to us for Christmas.  I couldn't think of a better way to save them than by binding them together with the Bind-it-All that I got for Christmas.

Here is the front of the album.  I used a Christmas Card that I received in the past on the cover.

Inside are all the handmade and special cards.  
I was in a card swap and received a whole bunch of beautiful cards.  

Now on to our Anniversary (January 18th) and Valentine's Day.
Here's the cover of the book.

Inside are the cards that Todd and I exchanged and also all of the Valentine cards that I receive from a swap that I was in.  I will enjoy looking at this book for years to come.

Many of you know I love to make cards, so I was happy to get this free CardMaker Calendar.
It's a free download if you like their Facebook page.
There are card sketches for every month, plus a bunch of bonus card sketches.
I simply printed it on card stock and bound it with the Bind-it-All.
I'm going to hang it in my craft room.  Now I just have to get caught up on January and February.

One more thing... for a chance to win a Ribbon Carousel, go check out their Newsletter Giveaway.

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