Tuesday, June 15, 2010

P365. June 15

Caught in the act!  We woke up this morning and found the Beneful container all the way in the utility room, in front of the washer.  We couldn't figure out how it got there.  Todd didn't wake up from hearing any noise during the night.

Our first inclination was to blame Oscar.  He's the new dog and he's BIG.  He is certainly big enough to move the Beneful container around.

Todd worked from home today and found the Beneful container pushed into the utility room again!

Then later today, while Todd was doing laundry, he found Marty doing this:

Yup... we have our culprit.  He's been caught... red pawed!  I guess the Prednisone makes Marty really hungry.  He sticks his head in the bin, can't reach the food, and drags it across the room.  I guess he's hoping to tip it over or stretch his neck so it's long enough to reach the food.  The whole sealed area has dog chew marks on it now.  Oh, Marty.

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Kai said...

Oh, lil' Marty! Aunty Kai was on 30 milligrams of that crud for 2 YEARS (Lupus) before I said, "NEVER AGAIN!" I gained OVER 100 pounds and it destroyed the only 2 things I EVER had 'going for me' - my clear skin & good teeth. Sigh. I soooooo relate to the increased hunger. There were times even I may have ransacked the dog food supply. Well ... maybe not. LOL!