Tuesday, June 1, 2010

P365. June 1

Marty was a willing subject for playing with the iPhone Hipstamatic camera app.

He had a vet visit today:
Marty had his right prescapular lymph node aspirated for cytology. There is a chance that it's simply more vaccine reaction. He's back on the 'roids, though, so I expect plenty of overnight trips outside.

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Kai said...

Hi, cute lil' Marty! I hope you are just having MINOR problems & nothing serious at all. You're way too sweet-looking to be ill! And I think those stinkin' steroids do a number on humans AND animals! I was on - shudder - Prednisone (30 milligrams daily) for over 2 years for Lupus and it ruined my weight, my skin, and my teeth. UGH! So I truly sympathize! GET WELL!