Friday, July 20, 2007

Bike and bird sighting report

Today Todd and I rode our bikes for 13.4 miles along the Tri-County Triangle Trail. Along the way we spotted four male Indigo Buntings. They have always been my favorite wild bird, and I have always wanted to see one in person. I was very excited to have seen four today! One even danced for me on the trail before hopping up into a tree. We also saw several male cardinals and gold finches. The weather was beautiful today, so it made for a very pleasant ride.


Anonymous said...

I hope you do not mind me posting a message but I so admired the birds you saw today. We have quite a lot of different birds in our garden here in the UK and they certainly keep us entertained all year long.Fortunately for us when we moved a here a few years ago the garden had several tall trees and a well established beech hedge, just perfect for nesting birds.Good luck with your bird watching and enjoy your bicycles
Kind regards from Joan in the UK

Sue at StampnDaly said...

I love your picture of the indigo bunting. I have seen several here in the summer.

Kyrene said...

You write very well.