Sunday, June 17, 2007


I finally purchased the orange Electra Townie bicycle that I've been dreaming about.

I took it for a ride on the Adena Recreational Trail yesterday. Todd and I rode on a new-to-us portion of the trail. The bike is very comfortable and much lighter than my old bike. I was able to go faster without realizing it. Todd had to work to keep up with me.

We went on a very hilly portion of the trail that was quite a work-out. Then we had to cross a busy street only to find out that the next portion of the trail was in the blazing sun, so we decided to turn back. It was downhill for most of the way back; downhill is my favorite part. I'd like to find a trail that is downhill both ways.


Anonymous said...

Todd couldn't keep up??? I LOVE IT! He used to leave me in the dust, every time. Thanks for all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I have an Electra Townie and LOVE it!!! Your orange one is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats. - LM from Texas

Anonymous said...

Hey Ria, what a ride! HA HA!
See you next week!
Val alias ValmaLu

Anonymous said...

I have a blue Townie and love my bike. At the moment it is locked and I have to get a cable cutter. The key apparently didn't fit the lock and I didn't know this before I locked it up...oops. Seems we have a lot in common. I love birds too. We live on a half acre and have feeders everywhere. Our favorite are the hummingbirds that migrate. We were able to capture on perched on our trampoline last year...fascinating. I don't know what a blog is but happened upon your page surfing about Townies...I recently had reservations because my sister in law bought a new bike and always tries to one up everyone but I am convinced the Townie is the BOMB. I was out of shape but came seem to ride for miles on this bike. First day out...a ten mile ride without a problem. Yes, I was sore the next day but here is to the TOWNIE.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I ran across this blog. I tried out a Townie yesterday. I have been in the market for a bike for sometime now. I used to own a racing road bike and nobody could keep up, and it restricted my ability to just ride with someone. I sold the road bike and I have to say that the Townie is probably the most comfortable bike I have ever been on.
I promise if you try one, you will never go back to a "standard" bike. I plan on buying on in the next week or so. I can't wait to get out and enjoy a great bike ride.


Janet said...

See, I knew I had a picture of it somewhere! I'll try to email it to Moe :-) You realize I'm computer retarded, right?