Sunday, May 6, 2012

Will Ride for Pie

Todd and I rode our tandem bike on our first long ride yesterday, over 19 miles.  We rode from home into downtown Chillicothe to Carl's Townhouse to have a piece of pie.  Then we rode around a little and rode home.  

Todd drives the bike in the front and I take up the rear.  It's odd to have no control over steering or brakes.  I do have some control over speed because I just scream a bit and Todd slows down.  Our street is very hilly and our maximum speed was over 35 mph going downhill.  

I can't see much except for his backpack, so I tend to look from side to side and take in the sights that way.  The pedals are linked so we both have to pedal exactly the same.  I can't coast while he does all the work.  I tried taking my feet off the pedals once and I felt like I would fall off the bike, so I learned I can't even do that.

This is one of my side views, looking out over Paint Creek.

So, I just sit behind Todd and ride along, taking in the views.  I talk to myself, and sometimes Todd can hear me.  Like once, he heard me say to a dog that was chasing us, "don't bite my leg!"  I know when Todd can hear me because he starts laughing.

I ended up having a lot of fun!  The pie at Carl's Townhouse was especially delicious.  

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day, so I decided to scrapbook the event.

I used the Saturday Sketch over at Basic Grey for inspiration.
The papers and embellishments are from the Basic Grey Origins Collection.  

What did you do for National Scrapbook Day?

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