Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some work needs to be done!

The home we bought was a foreclosure and therefore, some work needs to be done.

Oscar says this carpet needs to go. 

So we replaced it with laminate.  Oh the woes of doing that.  It was no easy task.

The master bedroom had the same gross carpet, so we did that as well.
We left the wallpaper, but painted it the bare walls red.

These steps were carpeted, so I covered them with some vinyl.  Todd did the wood trim.

The kitchen walls were avocado green, so we primed them twice...

And painted them a pretty butter yellow with white trim.  I got some pretty sunflower curtains, to match.  Our kitchen theme is Roosters and Sunflowers.

Todd got himself in some dangerous positions to hang curtain rods.  Underneath him are basement stairs.  Good thing he has The World's Best Ladder.

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Kai said...

WOW! What a LOT of work you did! I mean, I KNEW you were painting & doing floors, etc., but that really WAS an endeavor. And the results? GORGEOUS! That floor which had you both so busy was WORTH the headaches because it looks just marvelous, Ria! You & Todd did an amazing job! And who WOULDN'T love cooking in that cheerful, sunny kitchen? I'm impressed with everything you 2 accomplished!