Thursday, February 25, 2010

Project 365, February 25

Todd brought home Shamrock Shakes today!  As soon as Marty caught a sniff of mine, he freaked out. He climbed on my lap and tried to take it away from me.  He even started biting the cup.  He has never done such a crazy thing before (well, there was the canned pears incident).  I thought he was going to hurt himself or me or something.  Here, I just set it on the floor and he went right after it.  

Here he is after I told him to "Leave It!"  He really learned that command well.  Of course he gave me "The Look."  Don't worry, he didn't get any Shamrock Shake to speak of.  Maybe just a few molecules off the edges of the straw.  

Yeah, go ahead... feel sorry for him.  He has such a hard life.

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Kai said...

Heehee! Okay, I won't exactly feel SORRY for him - but you gotta admit, he DOES look adorable!